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The Environmental Working Group

Last year I discovered a non-profit organization called the Environmental Working Group {EWG}.  Their team of scientists, engineers, policy experts, lawyers and other trained professionals, investigates new and existing research {such as peer reviewed academic studies, legal documents, and controlled laboratory tests} to expose public health threats and help identify solutions.

For example, EWG investigates toxins, shown to lead to modern day health problems {such as cancer, reproductive and development problems, allergens, and asthma} and recommends specific chemicals to avoid in food and common personal and home products.  Read more about their report on health and toxins.


During my research in their various databases, I learned that several of the products {for my face, body, and home} that I thought were toxic-free and ‘green’ in fact, were not.  Now I have their website ‘bookmarked’ on my phone and often use it while I am at the grocery store.

Following are some of the Environmental Working Group’s research that I have found most informative {and at times frightening}:

Shoppers guide to produce {steer clear of the dirty dozen}

Skin Deep – Cosmetics Database {is your makeup aging you?}

Cleaning Database {are you using a laundry soap laced with carcinogens}

Exploring these reports has helped me make cleaner, greener choices for the products that I am putting on my face and body, and using to clean my house.

For example, I now use makeup {powder, eye shadow, blush, and mascara} by Rejuva Minerals

And face lotion from Herbal Choice Mari

And chlorine free bleach by Seventh Generation


The Environmental Working Group has dozens of other reports that I have yet to explore.

What are your favorite green information resources?

Which green products do you use?


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