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signs of spring + vitamin d

Spring has sprung in Washington State and today was a glorious sunny day!

March in WA

So how did I spend it??  I spent all day working outside in my yard and soaking up some sunshine and vitamin d.

Did you know that when exposed to sunlight or consuming specific foods, vitamin d aids the body in boosting immunity, reducing inflammation, absorbing calcium, and maintaining bone strength? Although sunlight is the best source of vitamin d, it is also found in food including fish {salmon and tuna}, beef, cheese, eggs, and mushrooms.

By the end of the day, my yard looked fantastic!  This time of year, I just love digging in the dirt, weeding, pruning, and preparing the garden for planting.

As I was digging around, I found several signs of spring that made me very happy:


New chive sprouts in my herb planter on the back deck:


Mini daffodils from bulbs that I planted last fall:


And I couldn’t help myself but plant a spring container for the front entry:

spring container

Sunshine + vitamin d + flowers + day off = fabulous Sunday!

How did you spend your Sunday?


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