My love for living healthy and environmentally aware has developed over time.

My parents were {and continue to be} wonderful role models in my journey.  I grew up with two younger sisters and my naturalist parents on a small island near the fertile Skagit Valley in Washington State.  My first childhood memory was running around my parent’s vegetable {and flower} garden picking zinnias.

Until I went away to college, and proclaimed to my friends that ‘I love fruits and vegetables’, I didn’t realize that I was raised differently than other kids.  Homegrown and organic whole foods were a standard part of every day life.  Working in the family nursery business was also an important part of my childhood and where I fell in love with nature, trees, green space, and farmland.

Today, I still love the peace that comes with the countryside.  I love picking apples right off the tree.  I love hiking, canning, gardening, cooking, photography, and fresh flowers.  I love gathering with family and friends.  I love being a wife, a daughter, a sister, and a friend.

I also love learning.  Along the way, I hope to inspire, share, and educate us both about green and healthy options for living life!




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